The latest pictures are the wine region in Portugal along the Duero river. It is just spectacular. The hills are very very high and they are planted to the top…It is hard to imagine workers up there..done all by hand. Put it on your travel bucket list.





What a beautiful lunch from Templeton farmers market brought home beautiful heirloom tomatoes fresh basil spicy olive oil from fifth Street market in Eugene Oregon.





We were so happy to host the winners of a night and Orchard Hill and a catered dinner by the Board of the Boys and Girls Club. It is such an amazing organization. This is our fourth year and we feel blessed to be a part of helping them. Chef Ron Helgerson of the board and the rest of the board members served up a gourmet meal paired with amazing local Paso Robles Wines….Here are the pictures…

Deborah Thomsen
Orchard Hill Farm